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Alimony Reduction Investigations

Think you’re lining your ex’s pockets? We’ll get to the bottom of it.

Criminal Investigations

We investigate all types of crimes and help to find the persons responsible.

Civil Investigations

We’ll get you the information you need prove that your rights have been violated, the justice system will do the rest.

Missing Persons/Runaways

Concerned about that loved one before the 24-hour mark? Give us a call and we’ll launch an investigation.


Hire us to keep an eye on someone for you. They’ll never know!

Wellness Checks

Have a loved one you want us to check up on? We'll make sure they're OK.

Process Service

If you need papers delivered, we'll make it happen even in the most difficult of circumstances.

Traffic Accident Investigations

Investigate any traffic incident, with confidentiality and effectiveness

Marital Infidelity

Do you need concrete evidence that your partner has been unfaithful? Contact us, and we’ll provide you with the details!

Worker's Compensation Investigation

We'll make sure they're really hurt.

Background Checks

Get everything you need to know. Legally.

Internal Corporate Investigations

Convinced there’s some sneaky business going on in a company? Come to us to prove –or disprove- your assumptions.

Asset Checks

We’ll find out if that Bentley is really his.

Loss & Prevention

We’ll solve your shoplifting issue and recover your stolen merchandise.


BeachSide PI was founded with a mission to help families and loved ones attain peace and healing. Decades of experience in law enforcement and a passion for doing the right thing is how we achieve justice for our clients. Our clients can rest easy knowing that as experienced investigators we adhere to a strict code of confidentiality. BeachSide PI will get you the desired results and provide you with an exceptional, professional, experience.


Our Team Includes:
Former Police Officers
Homicide Investigators
Missing Person Experts
Legal Experts

About Us

Our drive to bring peace and justice to families and their loved ones motivated us to found BeachSide PI. Collectively, our team has decades of experience in law enforcement, and we have a passion for doing good. It is those key factors that help us to bring such a great level of satisfaction to our clients. Professionalism is also our mandate, as we go above the call of duty to maintain a strict code of confidentiality. BeachSide PI will get you the results you need, with the professional experience you deserve.

Here at BeachSide PI, we are private investigators. This means that you can hire us to do lawful investigation on your behalf.  Our work as private investigators involves:

  • Working with defense attorneys on capital punishment and other criminal defense cases.
  • Investigating suspicious insurance claims filed.
  • Searching out evidence of infidelity and other conduct within a marriage to establish grounds for divorce.

Contrary to what’s shown in movies, our work as PIs also involve simple things like process serving, the personal delivery of summons, subpoenas and other legal documents to parties in a legal case. We can also trace absconding debtors for businesses and individuals; in fact it forms a large part of our workload.  Private investigators also specialize in:

  • Tracing
  • Technical surveillance (the locating and dealing with unwanted forms of electronic surveillance)
  • Corporate investigation (anti-fraud work, loss prevention, internal investigations of employee misconduct such as EEO violations and sexual harassment , the protection of intellectual property and trade secrets, anti-piracy, copyright infringement investigations, due diligence investigations and computer forensics work.)
  • Professional witnesses (observing situations with a view to reporting the actions or lack of them to a court or to gather evidence in anti-social behavior.)

Our period of investigation can last anywhere from a few weeks to even years, in extreme cases. Because of how dangerous our jobs are, our real identities are kept secret during our active careers. Choose BeachSide PI for the service you deserve!


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Owner Profile, Joe Dillon.

Military Veteran served in the United States Navy aboard the USS New Jersey from 1981 - 1985.
Law Enforcement Career from 1990 - 2002.

Specialized Training in:
Homicide, Sex Crimes, Missing Persons, Blue Collar Crimes, Theft, Certified CVSA (Certified Voice Stress Analysis), Field Training Officer, Conducted background checks for potential candidates/applicants for the Police Department, Conducted minor and major traffic accident investigations, Certified in drug recognition, worked several DUI task forces, organized and maintained evidence room, trained in Advanced Interview and Interrogations, Conducted photo line ups, Supervised officers, Tracked sexual offenders/predators, Enforced tracking of offenders, Enforced traffic laws, Enforced criminal laws, and testified in courts and prepared evidence and testimonies.

Education: 1990 Brevard Community College Criminal Justice

Awards: 1998 Nominated Investigator of the year State of Florida

2013 began assisting a private investigation firm with establishing the company an customer base.

June 2015 established up his own business named Beachside PI.